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About Charming desserts

At Charming desserts, we enjoy sharing our love for French pastry, while incorporating familiar Asian flavours like green tea, black sesame, lychee, and milk tea. Unique and delightful desserts are what we aim for, in addition to a delicious taste and a charming presentation.

Our desserts are entirely made from scratch and made to order. We want you to taste our desserts at their best, so we ensure freshness and quality.

We hope to inspire and to be inspired – please do not hesitate to leave us a note on what you’d like to see next on Charming desserts’ menu.

sakura green tea cake

About Amy

Amy is a full-time head pastry chef and Charming desserts is her passion project on the side. Although self-taught, she believes dedication + creativity can take you to places you’ve never imagined being.

For recipes & inspiration, visit Amy’s blog | shiawase days