It is my pleasure to write this reference for Charming desserts. Amy was my ‘knight in shining armour’ as she jumped in to help me ‘very’ last minute just before my wedding. My original baker went MIA and Amy was so quick to respond, was very accommodating and made me feel right at ease.

She made time for us and invited us to discuss our options, asked me for visions of what I wanted to see in my wedding cake and even surprised us with tasty items to test.

Her final product was both beautiful and delicious. Every guest at our wedding asked us where we had gotten our delicious desserts. We even had guests tell us that they didn’t get to try everything, that’s how quickly the desserts went.

I wholeheartedly support Amy and her wonderful business. She has the right mix, creativity and customer friendly service. I am so proud to say that my wedding cake was everything I dreamed of and more.

- Amanda Chan


I just wanted to thank you for making our beautiful & DELICIOUS wedding favours! The macarons were a hit with our guests. There wasn’t one left behind after the wedding, lol! The hand-piped initials and wrapping made them unique and that much more special to us. I knew you would be able to create something wonderful from what I had envisioned.

- Michelle Bautista


An enormous thank you goes out to Amy of Charming desserts who made the perfect Mont Blanc for us. We were in search for a perfect Mont Blanc for years! We loved the puree, chestnut cream & actual chestnuts in the cake. Subsequently we ordered more cakes from her…almost by weekly. Her Green Tea Black Sesame Tofu Rare Cheesecake, Matcha Green Tea Opera Cake & a special ordered Chocolate Cake that gave us the feelings of happiness from a genuine baker. Last but not least, Amy incorporates the Asian flavours into her art creations, creating uniquely charming desserts!

- Kevin Lai


We had the privilege to try the marshmallows, macarons and eclairs from Charming desserts. They looked fantastic and tasted delicious. The home style desserts melted in our mouths and filled our bellies with joy. Spending the work day munching on these delectables was fantastic and made the day easier to work through. We will definitely order some more to enjoy during our very busy schedules. Thank you!

- The Crystal Owl Consulting Team